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About Us

Alexander Logistic Group LLC, is an up and coming, privately held government and commercial logistics company with dedicated employees who bring relevant, responsive and adaptive solutions to our customer's needs. As a Woman- Owned Small Business (WOSB), Alexander Logistic Group LLC is committed to delivering the highest quality personnel, most innovative approaches wrapped in state-of-the-art solutions using the latest and most advanced technologies available.


At Alexander Logistic Group , we specialize in supporting commercial and defense companies of all sizes in rapid development of supply management, and the logistical operations. Alexander Logistics Group facilitates firms and companies in developing disciplines in corporate cultures for high quality streamline product accountability, transportation,  and distribution to better control overall program costs and improve life cycle management of fielded assets.


When an industry is changing rapidly, companies must adapt in order to survive; Alexander Logistic Group can mitigate risk and build a platform flexible enough for their ever-changing customer expectations. Alexander Logistics Group's comprehensive solutions and attention to detail will enabled a company to rewrite their operations game plan and transform their supply chain management functions including policy development, financial and physical accountability, training, performance monitoring, and process improvements maximizing satisfaction of your accounts.

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